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Monthly Archives: June 2017

St. Agnes’s International Child – Tharsise

Every Year St. Agnes School uses a portion of the money we raise on Mission Day to help a child somewhere in the world through Plan International Canada.  Plan Canada sends us a little update to let us know how our Sponsored Child is doing and how our money has helping our child and their community.

Tharsise T. is a 9 year old boy living in Rwanda, Africa.  He attends primary school and his favourite subject is math.  Tharsise has been ill this year, but he received treatment at the health facility and is now fully recovered.  There has been a new addition to his family, they have welcomed a new baby girl this year.

Plan International helps children around the world with; education, clean drinking water, sanitation systems, basic healthcare, and helping parents to improve their livelihood.

We have a picture of Tharsise in the office.

Thank you for supporting Tharsise and Plan International!!!

Donation to Pura Vida Foundation

On behalf of the St. Agnes Spirit Team, we want to say thank you for supporting our candy guessing contest and our “Break the Rule” day. We raised a total of $507.00 to donate to the Pura Vida Foundation through the St. Agnes Church. We appreciate all of your generosity and kindness. You truly have made a difference in the lives of young women in Peru.


Sandra Labelle


St. Agnes

Staff Appreciation Lunch

On behalf of the parent community, St. Agnes council is organizing a staff appreciation lunch on Friday June 23, 2017 to celebrate all the great things done for our children throughout the year.
This year’s lunch is Italian themed.
If you are interested in participating we are looking for the following:
  • your time to help prepare, serve or clean up after the lunch
  • a food or drink item to be served at the lunch
  • money for food items to be purchased for the lunch
  • flowers for centerpieces
Please contact Denise Porter at if you are able to help out in any capacity.

Break a Rule Day! – Tuesday June 13th

On Tuesday, June 13th, 2017, the students are going to have an opportunity to break some rules at school. The Spirit Team has organized this day in support of our St. Agnes Church initiative to assist the Pura Vida Foundation. This is a not-for profit organization that provides transitional housing and life skill training for young women in Peru. All proceeds raised will be donated to this foundation. Students are invited to pay $1 to break any of the following rules:

·         Wear a hat in school

·         Bring a stuffed animal to school

·         Wear pajamas to school

·         Chew gum in school

·         Switch desks in the classroom

Remember, it costs $1 for each rule that you want to break!

Donate and have fun!

The St. Agnes Spirit Team