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Inclement Weather day reminders

2020- 21: When buses are cancelled ALL schools are closed

While the first official day of winter is still a few weeks away, the early snowfall last week and impending winter storm this week have given us pause to plan early for inclement weather and potential bus cancellations. As student safety and well-being is always our priority, and given the unique and additional challenges that COVID-19 presents (such as cohorting), there are important changes to our process when student transportation has been cancelled. For the 2020/2021 school year, in the circumstance where transportation is cancelled due to weather and road conditions, all schools will be closed to both students and staff.

As each classroom teacher has established a Google Classroom site (or in a few cases D2L) teachers will utilize their LMS (Learning Management System) to post work by 10am on the closure day. Students will be provided with asynchronous student work. The normal bell times will be followed to allow students to contact their teacher on the closure day either through the LMS or through other appropriate means, such as email.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we continue to provide learning for our students in exceptionally challenging times.

Online Scholastic Book Fair

Good morning Flames!

Just a reminder that our virtual Scholastic Book Fair is now live! Sharing the gift of literacy with your kids is a great way to support the love of reading and helps support our school library, as well. You are welcome to share this information with family members and friends outside our school community.

Don’t delay! There is FREE shipping on Wednesday…TODAY…and December 2nd! See the letter below for detailed information.

Please click on the link to access the online book fair.

Scholastic Book Fair online

Important November updates

Special Message from the Director Loretta Notten

Please take the time to read the entire message from our Director Loretta Notten. There are a number of significant updates provided in this letter. Simply click on the title above to access the message. You can also reference the videos below to learn how to access support resources through our WCDSB website.

Student Video

Parent Video

Spiritual Development Day: Monday November 23rd

This is a reminder that students do not have school on Monday November 23rd, and there is no Extended Day program available across the board. All staff are engaged in our board wide Spiritual Development Day.

Parent Teacher conferences

Don’t forget to book a time with your child’s teacher next week! Parent Teacher conferences are scheduled between Tuesday November 24th – Thursday November 26th. These conferences can happen over the phone or virtually on Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. Please contact your child’s teacher directly to book a time.

Transforming Communities During Anti-Bullying Week

We have come to the end of Transforming Communities During Anti-Bullying Week — thank you to all the students, teachers, classes and families that took part! We saw some awesome t-shirt designs, examples of powerful conversations unfolding about bullying myths ,and we highlighted how important it is to recognize that we are all “in this together.” Check out our website to see some of the contributions from different classrooms at On the “Being Creative” day some of you also tweeted such a great example of a former St John CES student, who is using his powerful story and artistic gifts to address racism and identity – check out the video!


Today’s challenge is sharing three new learnings about anti-bullying from this week and putting them in an “I can” statement (ie. I learned I can be friendlier to new students to help make them feel welcome), #becomingWCDSB, or In the coming weeks we will share which image won the anti-bullying hoodie design. In the meantime we remember to make Transforming Communities During Anti-Bullying week a daily focus of our lives – we need each other now more than ever, and ways we can show kindness, compassion, friendship and respect can make a huge difference for those who might be struggling.
Information for Parents/ Guardians About Cyberbullying
Anti-Bullying and Positive Behaviour Programs and Resources

Sneak Peek at What’s coming up…

It is hard to believe that Advent is just around the corner! We want to assure our school wide community that we have plans to engage our students in faith filled activities, such as Angels in Action, and community traditions (i.e., Angel Day) while abiding by COVID protocols. There is no question that things will look very different this year but what’s most important is that we work as a community to support one another in times of hardship, and celebrate the season of Advent.

More information to follow!

Hat day tomorrow & Virtual book fair

Hat Day: Friday November 20th

Hey Flames!

Don’t forget that tomorrow, Friday November 20th, is HAT DAY!!! Wear your favourite, craziest, sporty, fun-est hat all day tomorrow!

We look forward to seeing your hats tomorrow!

Scholastic Book Fair: November 23rd to December 7th

We may not be able to have a face to face Scholastic Book Fair during COVID but our AMAZING Librarian, Ms. Boll has arranged a VIRTUAL book fair for St. Agnes! How amazing!!!

Please see the attached letter regarding our first ever VIRTUAL Book Fair!

Virtual book fair letter

November reminders

Gathered to Become Week: November 16th- 20th, 2020

This week, all schools across the province of Ontario participate in Anti-Bullying Awareness week. At Waterloo Catholic DSB, we have connected our focus to Year 2 of our Pastoral Plan for 2020 “Gathered to Become”. Each day has a sub-theme connected to our Pastoral Plan. A number of resources have been shared across the system, and school communities will be intentionally focusing on positive, faith-filled experiences for staff and students.

Monday November 16th: Becoming Mindful

Tuesday November 17th: Becoming Creative

Wednesday November 18th: Becoming Connected

Thursday November 19th: Becoming Resilient

Friday November 20th: Becoming Community

Did you know…?

#WWJD: What Would Jesus Do is a phase we use on a daily basis with our students. As a Catholic community, we are called to reflect on our actions, our words, and our choices through the lens of our greatest teacher and role model: Jesus. Once again this year, we have made a commitment to recognize the positive deeds by all staff and students on a daily basis. We are taking the time to acknowledge even the smallest of these deeds with a WWJD ticket; this is hand written by a staff member or student, and shared with the recipient. When we take the time to notice and praise the goodness and kindness of others we make our community stronger.

Due to COVID, we will keep all the WWJD tickets in our classroom bag over the weekend, and hand them out to go home each Monday morning.

Our focus on WWJD as a school wide theme is directly connected to the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations. Each month, we focus on one of these Expectations through student generated announcements, bulletin boards, and recognition of how we can better live our lives like Jesus.

Picture Day: TOMORROW!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow, Wednesday November 18th, is our school picture day.

Lifetouch has been our board approved photo provider for many years, and we are glad to be welcoming them to our school. Please know that all COVID protocols will be followed. We will only be taking individual student photos; there will not be a class photo taken this year.

Winter weather has arrived!

Today was our first truly winter day and it was beautiful! Lots of fresh, crisp Canadian air with lots of sunshine, and a few flurries, too! Unfortunately, MANY of our students were not dressed appropriately for the weather.

Remember: all students will be going outside for every recess and therefore, need to be dressed appropriately. This includes our Intermediate students. We will follow our Inclement Weather protocol which is linked below, and summarized:

APH 008: Inclement Weather procedures

Below is a summary of important points regarding our school board policies related to Inclement Weather. Please reference this policy for detailed information regarding cancellations and early dismissals.

  • We will reference for accurate forecasts using PointCast location. You can also check this information from home. Simply type in the postal code for the school (N2J 2M3) and get localized information.
  • When the temperature (including windchill or “feels like”) is –14°C or warmer students will be outside for the entire duration of recess.
  • When the temperature (including windchill or “feels like”) is –15°C to—19°C students will be limited to 20 minutes of outdoor time at a time.
  • When the temperature (including windchill or “feels like”) is –20°C or colder students will be kept indoors.
  • Students cannot arrive on school property prior to 8:50 am as there is no supervision on the yard or in the building prior to this time. Students will not be allowed in to the building prior to 8:50 am on extreme cold days.

It is critical that students be dressed appropriately for Canadian winter.

  • Please make sure your child has a hat, mitts/ gloves, snowpants, winter coat, boots. If you need assistance providing this for your child we are happy to help out.

Progress Reports (Grade 1-8) & Communication of Learning (Kindergarten)

Progress reports/ Communication of Learning reports will go home with students on Friday November 20th, 2020. Please look for a big brown envelope with each of your children.

Parent- Student- Teacher conferences: Tuesday Nov. 24- Thursday Nov. 26  2020

While COVID has presented a number of challenges and restrictions to our current learning environment we are excited to engage with our families virtually for Parent-Student-Teacher conferences this year. These are available for all students, Kindergarten to Grade 8. This year, all conferences will be booked directly with your child’s classroom teacher. The conferences will be 10 minutes in length, and can be done over the phone or virtually on Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. Both of these virtual platforms are supported and approved by our board.

This is a great opportunity to foster strong relationships between home and school with the goal of collectively supporting student achievement. With this in mind, we strongly encourage you to have your child present (if possible) for the conference. Students who take ownership for their learning demonstrate a better understanding of their strengths and areas of need. This, in turn, helps students develop meaningful next steps in their learning journey.

Spiritual Development day: Monday November 23rd

Monday November 23rd is our Spiritual Development Day across Waterloo Catholic. This means no school for students, and the Extended Day program is not being offered at any schools. Our entire system will be participating a variety of faith based activities for the day.

We need your help!

Finally, we have two important requests for your help.

Late Arrivals & Daily interruptions

The number of students who are arriving late is increasing daily. While this may not seem like a big deal at the time, it is highly disruptive to your child’s classroom. We kindly ask that you make every effort to have your child at the school by 9:15am each day to ensure a smooth start for all learners. Research show that developing positive school attendance habits contributes to greater student achievement.

We are also noticing an increase the in the number of interruptions during the day due to forgotten items (e.g., water bottle, lunch, mitts, library books, etc.). Please do your part to ensure your child has all their required belongings before they leave the house in the morning. Having your child pack their school bag the night before is a good habit.

If you need to pick your child up early please consider doing so at an established break time such as recess or lunch rather than disturbing the learning environment for every student. When your child needs to leave early the learning stops for everyone else as the teacher assists your child in getting ready. Your thoughtful consideration is very much appreciated.

Dogs on the Yard after hours

As day breaks, and as the sun sets, we notice many community members bringing their dogs on school property to run loose in the back field. We want you to know this is problematic for your children as the yard is increasingly becoming littered with dog waste and your children play in this area everyday. Yes, we do our best to discourage people from coming on to the property with their dogs after hours but we need your voice in the community as support. If you are passing by on the weekend or after school hours and see this activity please help us out by speaking with the owners. The school yard is for your children to play in; it is not a leash free dog park.


WCDSB Mental Health & Wellness

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Your child/teen’s mental health is important to us, just like it is to you.  There are proactive things we can do to promote wellness in spite of the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic. We hope you can use the attached flyer as a starting point to talk to your child/teen(s) about where to go for help if they are struggling.  You can learn more how to promote wellbeing and a wide range of supports and resources at the WCDSB Mental Health and Wellness webpage

Not everything that weighs you down is yours to carry alone


Public Health, Sacramental prep, Spirit Wear orders

COVID 19 School Screening tool

Updated November 4, 2020

Please be sure to use the online screening tool from Public Health BEFORE sending your child to school each day. It is really important that we all reference this tool. We are receiving many calls now asking if a child can come to school with a cough or a runny nose. Mrs. McGlynn will continue to re-direct families to this Public Health screening tool.

Please note: the Chief Medical Officer of Ontario, in consultation with local public health units, determines whether or not students are well enough to come to school during the pandemic. The online screening tool is developed and updated by public health to provide a clear set of expectations for families to reference daily. We all need to follow this direction in order to keep everyone safe and schools open.

We genuinely appreciate you taking the time to follow the direction provided in this interactive screening tool.

2020-21 Sacramental Program information

Attention Grade 2 and Grade 7 families:

Registration for the 2020/2021 sacramental program year will be up and running on the St. Agnes parish website in the next few days.

If you could let your students know this and that our first virtual meeting will be on November 22nd.

Details will be listed on the parish website for both in-school and St. Isidore students.

Michelle Schill, Carleen Van Dam & Tanya Kraemer
St Agnes volunteer sacramental team

Spirit Wear is now available!

Once again, we are working with SchoolTee for our annual Spirit Wear order. Orders will be ready in time for Christmas!

Everything is done online and there is no money coming into the school. Please see all the information below:

Instructions for ordering St. Agnes Spirit Wear

  • Go to 
  • Create an online account (top left)
  • Under Products select St. Agnes Spirit Wear
  • Choose desired items and add to your cart
  • Go to cart, confirm order and pay

St. Agnes spiritwear 20-21 form

The deadline for online ordering is FRIDAY NOVEMBER 13th.

St. Agnes Spirit Wear order is now available!

Spirit Wear is now available!

Once again, we are working with SchoolTee for our annual Spirit Wear order. Orders will be ready in time for Christmas!

Everything is done online and there is no money coming into the school. Please see all the information below:

Instructions for ordering St. Agnes Spirit Wear

  • Go to 
  • Create an online account (top left)
  • Under Products select St. Agnes Spirit Wear
  • Choose desired items and add to your cart
  • Go to cart, confirm order and pay

St. Agnes spiritwear 20-21 form

The deadline for online ordering is FRIDAY NOVEMBER 13th.


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