Safe, Secure, & Inclusive Schools: Our first priority as a school community

Please note the following important points as we work through a Labour Disruption across the province:

  • The access points to the school will continue to be locked in our elementary schools. The buzzer will not be answered by the main office. Therefore, your patience while trying to access the school is very much appreciated. You will need to be admitted to the school when the Principal is available to do so. At no time will students, or volunteers perform this duty.

Milk & Lunch program

We will NOT be offering a milk program at St. Agnes this year. After extensive consultation with the board office, and in consideration of the various needs within the school community, the decision to move away from offering milk has been determined.

We will continue to offer pizza, and will consider extending other lunch options to families for purchase. However, this will not happen for the month of October. This means there is no pizza for the month of October.

Once we establish our lunch program, it will be through Elementary Schools Nutrition Services (ESNS). This is an online service provider who takes on the ordering, payment, and refund portions of offering a food service within the school setting.

We appreciate your patience as we work through the logistics of providing the most extensive and safe food service option possible at St. Agnes. More information will be shared with families on NewsWire when it is available.

We are expanding our Nutrition for Learning (N4L) Program beginning Monday, September 30th

The main goal of the Nutrition for Learning program is to provide students with nutritious food to give them a foundation for a successful day of learning all day long. This is provided to students free of charge and is supported through the generosity of community donations and fundraisers.

The N4L program will now be offered every day for St. Agnes students through a snack bin program. Many different foods, that meet strict nutritional guidelines, will be served on a daily basis. Dry food bins (e.g., multigrain Cheerios, melba toast, apple sauce) with snap on lids will be in the classroom all day long. Cooler bag items (e.g., grape tomatoes, snap peas, carrots) will be delivered to the classroom during lunch recess and unused items will be collected during PM recess. This method of delivery is far less disruptive to instructional time and still provides important nutrition to students who need it most. This expanded program will replace the previous Breakfast Program that was served in the gym. Thanks to Nutrition for Learning for their guidance and generosity to our school as we transition to the snack bin program.

We will share the food items being offered each week in our Weekly Update. This will simply be an indication of the items offered during the week, not a day by day menu. Please contact Mrs. Reesor if you would like to learn more about volunteering for this program. Many hands make light work, and this program supports the growing needs of the St. Agnes community. Any and all help is very much appreciated!

N4L September 30th – October 4th: multigrain Cheerios, melba toast, apple sauce (no sugar added), carrots, snap peas, raisins, grape tomatoes, apples

N4L ingredient list (not all snacks will be served at St. Agnes)