Fitness Frenzy Update: November 1st is PAJAMA DAY!!!

Our Fitness Frenzy fundraiser is one week away! Students have been working hard to “Get Caught Moving” at school, and they are earning ballots for prizes in the process. We also know that students are tracking all their physical activity outside school as well. Such an amazing connection for our Healthy Schools certification this year! The efforts of our entire school community to support this school wide fundraiser are truly appreciated.

We are thrilled to announce that we have reached our first school wide prize for earning a minimum of $1000. TOMORROW, FRIDAY NOVEMBER 1st is PAJAMA DAY!!!! Students were informed early this morning and we are all looking forward to a comfy day in our PJs.

Consent to Participate

Please check your School Cash Online account for the Consent to Participate form for Fitness Frenzy. Each student in the school must have this form completed in order to physically participate in the activities. Students are not required to raise funds but we do require written consent to participate. The final date to complete this consent will be Thursday November7th. This can be completed when you come to the school for Parent-Student-Teacher conferences.

Prizes…so far!

We have been blessed with tremendous generosity from our parent community. So far, we have received the following donations of prizes: multiple Cineplex giftcards, Flag Raiders packages, SkyZone passes, Rangers tickets & team store gift card, Frederick Bowl passes, luggage, Starbucks gift pack, and so much more! If you would  like to donate a prize you are welcome to drop by the main office to speak with Mrs. McGlynn. We will gladly accept any donations you would like to contribute to our school wide fundraiser.

Fitness Frenzy volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering on Friday November 8th, please contact the main office to leave your name and contact information. We will forward this information to the Fitness Frenzy lead coordinator.

Progress Reports (Grade 1-8) & Communication of Learning (Kindergarten)

Progress reports/ Communication of Learning reports come home with students on Tuesday November 5th, 2019. Please look for a big brown envelope with each of your children when they arrive home on Tuesday November 5th.


Parent- Student- Teacher conferences: Thursday November 7th, 2019

Online booking tool for appointments this year!

A detailed instruction guide is available by clicking School Appointments – St. Agnes Parent Instructions.

We are looking forward to the upcoming Parent-Student-Teacher conferences on November 7th. These are available for all students, Kindergarten to Grade 8. This is a great opportunity to foster strong relationships between home and school with the goal of collectively supporting student achievement. With this in mind, we strongly encourage you to bring your child to the conferences. Students who take ownership for their learning demonstrate a better understanding of their strengths and areas of need. This, in turn, helps students develop meaningful next steps in their learning journey. Therefore, we hope you are able to bring your child to the conferences on Thursday November 7th.

As part of the conference, your son/daughter will be sharing some of the work that he/she has done to date. The teacher will help your child be prepared for the conference. You can help your son/daughter prepare for the conference by supporting him/her in the completion of page two of the progress report. A letter will be included with your child’s progress report, and it contains prompts to help guide responses. Please bring this completed response form to the conference.

This conference is also an opportunity for the teacher to learn from you. As a parent/guardian, you are, and will continue to be, your child’s first and most important teacher. We are especially interested in hearing from you about your child’s strengths and interests as we work together to develop next steps in your child’s learning journey this year.

Conference outline: (10 minutes long)

  1. Teacher greets parent(s)/guardian(s) and student in the hallway.
  2. Student introduces parent and teacher in the hallway.
  3. Student reviews the purpose and conference process at the conference table.
  4. Student shares his/her strengths and work samples.
  5. Parent/guardian asks questions or raises points with either their child or the teacher.
  6. Teacher shares examples of assessment (observations/conversations/ products) to date.
  7. Next steps and student goals are discussed to conclude the conference.

This year, all conferences will be booked online using School Appointments. You can book an appointment with your child’s classroom teacher, as well as your child’s Planning Time teacher (JKK- grade 3) or French teacher (grade 4-8).  A direct link to set up your online appointments is provided below:

A detailed instruction guide is available by clicking School Appointments – St. Agnes Parent Instructions.

If you have any difficulty booking appointments, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. McGlynn in the Main Office.

We look forward to meeting with you on Thursday November 7th, 2019.


The St. Agnes School Staff


Kindergarten Classroom Observations

Parents/ guardians of Kindergarten students may choose a classroom observation rather than a formal conference. Classroom observations take place over a few weeks in November in order to accommodate parent/ guardian work schedules. Please look for detailed information in your child’s communication bag later this week regarding Kindergarten observations.