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Opportunity to provide feedback & Information sessions

WCDSBLearn@Home : How are we doing?

Thank-you for joining this important conversation! We are interested in learning about how WCDSBLearn@Home is going.

The tool we are using is called ThoughtExchange. Your participation is voluntary, and your feedback will be very important for helping us make sure that we are providing the needed supports for students, staff, parents and community members.

To make sure that the conversation is about the topics most meaningful to you, we have set up separate conversations for different groups. This is why you are asked if you are a student, parent, staff member, administrator, or community member.

Here is the link:

Once you have shared your thoughts, you will have the opportunity to read the thoughts of others and assign *STARS* based on how much you agree (5 Stars) or disagree (1 Star).  This helps us determine the ideas that are most important to the group.

We encourage all participants to read and consider 20-30 thoughts.

You can return to the exchange as often as you like to *STAR* thoughts.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you would like to join more that one conversation – choose a new group by opening the invitation link in a new tab in your web browser.

The Survey will remain open until Tuesday April 21, 2020.

If you have any difficulty with the survey, questions can be sent to:

Parents/guardians who consent, are also welcome to share this link with their child(ren) to participate in the thought exchange.

For younger children (Grades K-8), please support them in participating as their feedback will be very important during this process.

Thank you in advance for your participation in helping us make WCDSBLearn@Home a success!

Umbrella Project Parent Webinar

Please see the attached Parent Resource for more information.


Securing Online Learning for Students & Teachers webinar

This is a FREE webinar for parents. Please register if you are interested.

April 16th at 11:45am — 1:00pm 

Easter Message & Updates

As we enter Easter weekend, the staff at St. Agnes are hopeful you are able to step away from work or school activities to continue spending quality time with your families. Let us find joy in the simpler things we are being invited to notice.

May the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ remind us that we are not alone and that brighter days are ahead.

We wish you a blessed Easter weekend.

Easter Prayer

Lord our God, we thank and praise you for the greatness of your love, shown to us through Jesus Christ, who was willing to die for us, to bring us into your family, and to bless us with the life that lasts forever.

We thank you for the new life we celebrate at Easter; help us to keep growing in the life that never comes to an end.

We pray for our families, our friends, and all those we care about: fill them with hope and happiness.

We pray for people who are unhappy today: those who are hungry, or homeless, those who fear violence or harm; may they find protection and peace.

We pray for those who are ill; or facing difficulties: may they find hope in the cross of Christ, and be strengthened by the knowledge of your love.

Lord, accept our prayers, and be with us now and for ever.


Please take the time to wander through this new and fantastic resource. We are not alone during this challenging time, and our faith needs nourishment now more than ever. Continue to check back on this resource as it is constantly updated.

WCDSBLearn@Home Updates

As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, families and students will continue to be provided with regular communication from St. Agnes CES. Our hope is that regular communication will reduce the understandable anxiety students and families may be facing with respect to education at this time.

We know that our commitment to strong relationships between educators, students, and families will be critical to our students experiencing success and well-being. It has been truly heartwarming to hear the extremely positive and appreciative responses from our parents and students regarding the contact with student homes our educators are making. We know our students miss the school staff with whom they interact daily, and our staff miss their students, too.

Over the past two weeks (March 30 – April 9) St. Agnes staff have:

  • connected with our students and families
  • assessed the needs of families, students and educators as we planned for distance learning
  • continued to familiarize themselves and our families with the Ministry and WCDSBLearn@Home distance learning websites
  • initiated educator-led distance learning with students via D2L or Google Classroom (5 hrs of work/week for students in K – 6 ; 10 hrs/ week in 7 & 8)
  • engaged in capacity building of our educators & support staff (teachers, RECEs, EAs, CYCWs) to deliver distance learning for all students.

Moving from classroom learning to a distance learning model in a very short time frame is a challenge, and the WCDSB is working continuously to ensure that students have equitable opportunities to learn from home. Please know we are deeply committed to ensuring the equity of learning for all our students. Each family who has requested to borrow a school Chromebook in order to engage in the learning online has been provided a device by the principal over the past week.

To be clear, the Ministry of Education has clearly outlined that student participation in distance learning is important, and ongoing learning continues to be a ministry expectation. The process of educator-led distance learning has many forms and will continue to evolve over the weeks ahead. However, we will not be opening up virtual hangouts or chat rooms/ social interactions for students facilitated by educators. This is not our mandate. Educators are working hard to find the important balance between engaging students in meaningful work without overwhelming students and families. We are grateful for your patience as teachers learn how to manage a virtual learning environment for all students in very stressful times for families. We are doing our best to do right by your children during these unprecedented times.

We appreciate there are questions regarding assessment, evaluation or timelines for curriculum goals. School boards across Ontario are receiving regular updates from the Ministry of Education with respect to these, and many other, questions. Families are encouraged to check the FAQ page of WCDSBLearn@Home for up to date information. Here, you will find important tips for parents as well as important Mental Health information and Additional Learning Resources.

Continue to monitor our website, Newswire, and Twitter @StAgnesCES for school specific information. If you have questions about classroom related work or expectations please contact your child’s teacher directly.

On behalf of the entire staff, we wish everyone a happy and blessed Easter. Please see the information below for live streaming services from the church.

Be well and God Bless…

Mrs. Tonya Reesor



Live Streamed Mass from St Agnes Chapel

Father Aleks will celebrate Holy Mass every Monday to Friday at 7:00 PM, and Saturday & Sunday at 10:00 AM. Mass will be accessible live through Zoom Video Conferencing. Zoom can be loaded on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Connecting to the on-line Mass has changed. You now need the zoom link and a special password to view the Mass.

To obtain this required password, you need to send an email to requesting the password.

You will receive an email reply within 5 minutes containing the password.  If you do not get a response within 5 minutes please check your email spam or junk mail folder.

Short prayer requests may be emailed to These petitions will be read 5 minutes before the start of Holy Mass each day.

To view Holy Mass or Stations of the Cross on your smartphone, download the “Zoom Cloud Meetings” app, available on the App Store and Google Play.

Please join us five minutes early to ensure that you have a little time to work out any difficulties connecting. You can also test your connection at any time by clicking the link. If you see a message that states “Please wait for the host to start this meeting”, your system is ready for Mass!

Holy Week mass schedule


Updated WCDSBLearn@Home Website

Beginning today, April 6th, what the Ministry of Education is calling “Phase 2” or “Educator-Led” Learning will commence at the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. Schools will continue to be closed but learning will continue — involving a combination of distance learning tools for students.

Please visit our special WCDSBLearn@Home website for information and resources complied to support the government’s plan.

The resources on this site can supplement and support Educator-led learning. You may not need all of these resources, but if you find yourself needing assistance with creating a positive learning environment for your children, we hope they can provide some assistance.

Under the Educator-led learning plan, the government has outlined the minimum expectations for student work-time in a given week, based on learning materials and work assigned by your student’s teacher. These expectations, for each teacher, include:

  • Kindergarten to grade three: Five hours of work per student per week, with a focus on literacy and math;
  • Grades four to six: Five hours of work per week, with a focus on literacy, math, science, and social studies;
  • Grades seven to eight: 10 hours of work per week, with a focus on math, literacy, science and social studies; and,
  • Grades nine to 12: Three hours of work per course per week for semestered students, and 1.5 hours of work per course per week for non-semestered students, with a focus on credit accumulation and graduation.

The WCDSBLearn@Home website will be updated on an ongoing basis, so please visit often.

School Closure extended to May 4th, 2020

Ontario School Closure extends to May 4th

Please see the letter below which outlines the announcement by the Minister of Education to extend school closures until May 4th, 2020.

Letter to Parents School Closure COVID 19 Mar31 20

Stay Connected with your Child’s Classroom teacher

During this extended school closure it is critical that you maintain regular contact with your child’s teacher. Over the course of the past week, every classroom teacher at St. Agnes has been working diligently to connect with their students. Despite our best efforts, we have not achieved 100% success. We are experiencing full mailboxes, bounced emails, or inaccurate contact information. If you have not connected with your child’s teacher please send an email using our staff directory found on the St. Agnes school website. We are committed to reaching every single student in our community and appreciate your help.

Beginning Monday April 6th, teacher-led learning will commence across the province of Ontario in a virtual environment. The only way for teachers to share this information with families/ students is by posting in the virtual classroom (e.g., D2L or Google Classroom).  Over the course of the school year, your child’s classroom teacher has provided login information to parents and/or students directly (depending on age and grade of child). If this information is not known to you, please contact your child’s teacher directly at your earliest convenience.

Learn at Home resources

Please bookmark the following link found on the WCDSB website. This portal is constantly being updated with resources and important information to support students and families as we make our way through this unprecedented time together.


Congratulations Ms. Brohman!

Today, March 31st, 2020, is Ms. Brohman’s retirement day. We wish her all the best as she steps in to the next phase of life as a retiree. She promises to come in to the school for a proper send off and celebration when it is safe for us to do so. In the meantime, we hope she enjoys the sunshine, spring showers, and fresh blooms that come with the rebirth of springtime. We will miss you, Ms. Brohman, and wish you many blessings in the days ahead.

While we transition to a new teacher for Ms. Brohman’s class, we will continue to run Ms. Brohman’s virtual classroom on D2L. Parents are encouraged to stay connected via NewsWire and D2L at this time. The new teacher will be introduced to the class on D2L, and will take the time to reach out to families as soon as possible. We ask for your patience as we navigate many IT difficulties due to the COVID-19 working environment. In the meantime, parents are invited to contact Mrs. Reesor directly with any urgent concerns or questions. Rest assured, your child does have a classroom teacher beginning Wednesday, April 1st. Mrs. Watchorn, and Mrs. Watorowski will continue to be the Early Childhood Educators for your child’s class. Ms. Lazarevich remains the Planning Time teacher (PE, Music, Art, Health) and will provide programming and support for students, as well.

St. Agnes Wellness Message

We wish all of our St. Agnes families good health and wellness at this time. We hope you can take a few minutes to see our shared staff message.

Click HERE to see our video.

Take care, Flames!

At Home Student Learning Framework

This is an unprecedented time in our lives. There is a great deal for us to consider as a staff, school, board, and province, as we try to move to teacher-led distance learning for the foreseeable future. All levels are aware that there is much to consider and many variables at play. Your patience as we navigate this global pandemic while trying to attend to the needs and best interests of the whole child (i.e., academic, social/emotional, physical, and spiritual) is very much appreciated. We acknowledge this is a very stressful and disconcerting time for both adults and children.

Over the next two weeks, educators across the province are working toward teacher-led distance learning. At the end of the two weeks, we hope to have a more formal understanding of the expectations for teacher-led learning and assessment from the Ministry of Education.

In the interim, classroom teachers have been making contact with all St. Agnes families this week, through D2L, Google classroom, email, phone call, etc. to determine if any families require internet access and/or a learning device for their children. Please be sure to check regularly for updates from your child’s teacher (e.g., email, D2L, Google classroom) as we aim to connect with every family by the end of the day on Friday, March 27th.

The Ministry of Education has provided the Learn at Home portal and the WCDSB is sharing WCDSB Steam Days. We are encouraging you to utilize these resources at this time.

Continue to monitor our website, Newswire, Twitter (@StAgnesCES) for any updates.

On behalf of the entire St. Agnes staff, we wish all of our families good health and wellness. We miss your kids! We miss the spirit of community that is St. Agnes, and we look forward to being together again in the days ahead. Be well!

St. Agnes parish updates

Please stay connected to the parish via the website.

School-Home-Parish connections

How to make a mini Rosary with your child at home

Please see the Feast Day 2020 – Rosary Assembly Instructions for a simple and familiar craft you can do at home with your children. We made these mini rosaries at school as part of our St. Agnes Feast Day 2020. This is a very meaningful activity and it will help your child stay connected to their faith at home while we cannot access the parish and the school. As we continue our Lenten journey, Father Aleks encourages us to pray the Rosary every night at 8pm alongside him from our homes.

God Bless!

Live Streamed Mass from St Agnes

All public Masses in the church at St. Agnes are suspended. However, Father Aleks is going to celebrate Mass each weekday (Monday – Friday) evening at 7 PM, and on the weekend (Saturday & Sunday) at 10 AM.

It is accessible through video using ZOOM (can be loaded on your phone, tablet, or desktop) and clicking on this link:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please “mute” your microphone when Mass begins and stay muted until Mass has concluded.

Please join us five minutes early to ensure that you have a little time to work out any kinks.

You could also try it at any time, and if you see a message that states “Please wait for the host to start this meeting”, your system should be ready for Mass! For watching the video on your smartphone you need first to install the Zoom Cloud Meeting app.

Important COVID-19 Update

*** All public Masses at St Agnes are Suspended ***
Please read this important information from the Diocese for details:
Updated Directives from Bishop Crosby regarding COVID-19 (March 16th, 2020)
Additional Directive Updates regarding COVID-19 (March 18th)

From Father Aleks:

Dear Parishioners:

It is with a heavy heart that I will not be able to celebrate the Holy Mass with you.  Please be assured that you are all in my prayers and I will offer Mass for you each day.  We are still united as a parish through our prayers and I encourage parishioners to pray the Rosary at 8:00 pm every day, along with me, from your homes.  We pray for one another, especially those who may contract this virus, and for the health care workers who have dedicated themselves to assisting those who are ill. Our St. Vincent de Paul Society volunteers are still serving the people in need.

While we are all currently concerned about the situation around us, we keep on going through the Lenten season. We focus on Christ, carrying the cross to Calvary, knowing that the final station is not the grave but the glory of the resurrection. Our faith, our love of God and each other are NOT SUSPENDED. I believe that our commitment to God and to Church will be stronger than ever before.

Saint Agnes, pray for us!
Saint Vincent Pallotti, pray for us!

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Aleks


Message from Minister of Education to Ontario parents

Please see the attached letter to parents from the Minister of Education.

Minister Letter to Parents – EN – March 22 2020

Please continue to check your email for important updates via NewsWire notifications.  As a reminder, all board wide NewsWire notifications from the WCDSB are posted directly to school websites. Schools send out school specific information via NewsWire which you subscribe to as an email distribution.

More information will be forthcoming in the next few days once administrators across the WCDSB receive further direction via teleconference on Tuesday this week.

On behalf of the entire St. Agnes staff we wish your entire family good health during this unprecedented time. Please know that we miss your children and we look forward to seeing them as soon as it is safe for all of us to return as a community to St. Agnes. Be well.

WCDSB COVID-19 Statement and Information

March 13, 2020

As a result of the Government of Ontario’s order for all publicly funded schools in Ontario to remain closed from March 14, 2020 to April 5, 2020 (, the Waterloo Catholic District School Board is taking the following actions to further assist in limiting the spread of COVID-19:

  • Effective March 14, 2020 to April 5, 2020 all WCDSB schools (including all St. Louis Adult Education campuses) are closed.
  • Effective March 16 all Extended Day programs are cancelled. Families registered in WCDSB operated programs will not be charged fees during this time period.
  • Effective March 14, 2020 to April 5, 2020 all Community Use of Schools permits are cancelled.
  • WCDSB Co-op placements, Dual Credit and SWAC programs are cancelled.
  • The March 23, 2020 public meeting of the Board of Trustees is cancelled. Any delegations pertaining to the St. John CES Boundary Review will be received as planned on Monday, April 6 at the regularly-scheduled Board Meeting, and again at a Special Public Board Meeting on Monday, April 20, 2020.
  • The March 26, 2020 Blessing & Dedication ceremony for the newly-renovated Waterloo Region Catholic Education Centre is postponed to a later date to be determined.

The safety and wellbeing of our students and staff is always our top priority, and we will continue working with local Public Health staff to ensure our schools remain clean, safe and welcoming in anticipation of the resumption of school in April. We encourage everyone to remain vigilant regarding hand hygiene and cough / sneeze etiquette and to follow all Public Health guidance and directives.

We ask all WCDSB stakeholders to continue monitoring our special COVID-19 web page for up-to-date information (  — and our prayers continue for all those around the world who have been or will be affected by COVID-19.

IMPORTANT: ROW Public Health Updates

Please see two important announcements from the Region of Waterloo Public Health unit for parents/ guardians as we head into March Break.

COVID-19 Update

Please open the attached letter for important information regarding necessary steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We cannot stress enough the importance of:

  • teaching and practising proper handwashing procedures at home with your child
  • coughing/ sneezing into your elbow…not your hands
  • keeping your child home when they are sick

Public Health – COVID-19_PARENT_LETTER_2020_03_06

Immunization & School Suspension program on hold

Please open the attached letter for important information regarding the Immunization & School Suspension program for the 2019-20 school year.

2020 Rescindment of suspension orders for elementary students

WCDSB updates

COVID-19 Information

Please see the attached letter from the Director of Education regarding COVID-19.

Parent Letter COVID19 March 04 2020

Province wide OECTA strike day

Tomorrow, Thursday March 5th, 2020 is scheduled as a province wide OECTA strike day. This means schools will be closed to students. Extended day programs will continue to operate.

Please stay tuned to local media and watch for NewsWire and Student Transportation communications in the event the strike is cancelled.