Hello Parents/Guardians,


As we approach the end of another successful school year, preparations have slowly begun to ensure that our class structures are in place for September. Preparing class lists is a process that involves hours of work, on behalf of all staff, to ensure that the needs of all our students are met. Lists are fluid documents that may be changed and revised several times from now until the beginning of school in September.


Each new school year is a tremendous opportunity for students to meet new friends and expand their circle of acquaintances. Our goal is to place a child where they will achieve the most success academically while trying to balance their social development. A balanced class reflects the diversity and needs of our school community and all our students.


A great deal of thought and reflection goes into the placement of each child. Many factors are considered in student placement including academic abilities, social groupings, and gender ratio. In addition, we consult Board and Ministry of Education guidelines.


The teachers and administration take great care to ensure, to the best of our ability, that all students’ needs are met. Since it is very difficult to honour requests from parents as well as make the most prudent decisions for all students in our care, we will not be accepting classroom requests for the 2019-2020 school year.


We ask that you trust that the staff will continue to make professional decisions on placements that are in the best interests of all the students at St. Agnes.


Thank You,


Gloria Lasovich