After 6 long months, we have FINALLY! gathered together as a community and we have truly started moving a mountain! To say this school start up has been unlike any other is a HUGE understatement! Yes, it has brought for all of us (staff, students, and parents/guardians alike!) many challenges, some tears, lots of anxiety, and so many questions! But, at the end of this first week, we can say with confidence this start up has also brought out the best in all of us.

Each day, we have made an effort to greet each other on the yard, at drop off and pick up, and in the halls, with eye contact…because that is all we can see. We have smiled with our eyes (and shed tears from them, too!) but we have made extra effort to connect on a human level. This is what builds community.

Parents and guardians, please know that we saw your tears on the first day back. Many more than usual, and we thank you for being genuine and honest with us. As educators on the frontline, we know first hand, how hard this return to school is on a human level. We are all scared about the unknowns and the “what ifs”. But you showed us that you trust us to do our best to keep your kids safe at school everyday, and for that, we are so grateful. We have more protocols and procedures than we have ever had to follow before, and yes, they will continue to change and evolve. Please know that we take the responsibility of keeping your children safe and well very seriously. Thank you for trusting us to do the right thing (i.e., yard bubbles), even when it is not the popular thing (or the previously “normal” thing). We are doing this because we care. Let’s all take a few deep breaths this weekend and be grateful for the effort each of us (students, parents, and staff alike) have invested in this start up. Together, we have an opportunity to make this year a positive, and safe learning experience for all at St. Agnes.

For those of you choosing remote learning for your child, we respect there are many factors at play in your decision to keep your child(ren) at home. We also know the staff of St. Isidore, our new virtual school, will do amazing things to support you, and your child, in the virtual learning environment. If/ when you are ready to return to face to face learning, we are here for your family. Regardless of the learning environment, we are all in this together and we will do our best to provide for the kids.

Thank you for your trust, patience, and cooperation as we continue to work together and support one another through this challenging but important school year. It will take a few days for routines to be established and for staff and students to adjust to this new “norm” but with some patience and trust we will get through this together.

#WeGotThis! #GatheredToBecome # WCDSBAwesome #Community

Mrs. Tonya Reesor                                    Mrs. Amanda Kuntz

Principal                                                    Vice Principal