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Fit Bit October 2017

Have a Healthy Halloween!


Halloween is such an exciting time of year for children. There are thoughts of costumes, parties and of course, sugary treats. Your child can enjoy Halloween without abandoning good eating habits completely. You can use Halloween as a time to be a role model. Halloween offers an excellent opportunity to teach your children about healthy eating and active living. Don’t forget to send healthy snacks with your child for classroom celebrations!


Use these tips to keep your child healthy and the treats under control

  • Set expectations early. Teach children that candy is a treat and not an everyday food.
  • Help your child divide up a few favourite pieces of candy into little treat bags to enjoy once or twice per week at a specified time (i.e., after dinner). This helps them to learn portion control, a very important part of healthy eating.
  • Store extra candy in a cupboard out of reach. It is wise not to store the candy at eye level to avoid temptation for the whole family.


Make Halloween a Time to Be Active


  • Halloween is a great time to be active. The cool fall weather is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Plan to go for a walk or bike ride as a family.
  • Hike and explore some of the beautiful trails in our Region.
  • Visit a local pumpkin patch and pick your own pumpkins and gourds. Some pumpkin patches offer corn mazes, haunted houses, and hay rides.
  • Visit a park to play in the leaves.
  • Join your children and walk through the neighbourhood or malls to look at the Halloween decorations.