Dear Parents and Guardians,

We know these are highly stressful times for you as you consider whether or not to send you children back to school for face to face learning. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation as we do our very best…every single day…to provide a safe and clean learning environment for all. Please know there are countless checks and balances in place to ensure cleaning protocols are followed in all areas of the school. Staff are diligently working to ensure students wash their hands, sanitize their hands, use only their own materials in class, and maintain proper physical distancing on the yard. Your continued support and consistent messaging at home is greatly appreciated!

We continue to receive numerous phone calls at the school about “what if…”. Please know that at no time will Mrs. McGlynn provide personal or identifying information regarding classroom absences. This is a violation of privacy. We understand there is lots of concern in the community about student absences and suspected illnesses. Please keep in mind the following:

  • MANY parents/ guardians are following the Public Health protocol of keeping children home when they have any COVID related symptoms. Keep in mind these can closely resemble a common cold. This does not mean a child necessarily has COVID.
  • Not all parents who signed their children up for face to face learning are actually sending them in. It is their choice to keep their children home even though they are well enough to attend.
  • Siblings will be sent home together when one is feeling unwell. This will create an increase in absenteeism in classes.

Thank you to the many parents, guardians, and caregivers who are following the Public Health protocol. You are doing your part to keep everyone safe during this very challenging time. Please see the newly released communication tool from Public Health for Parents/ Guardians/ Caregivers. This clearly outlines the expectations for students to stay home while they are unwell, and/ or awaiting the results of a COVID test. We have been asked to share this information today as they continue to field an overwhelming number of phone calls.


Where can I find information about active/ confirmed COVID cases at schools?

This link below will be updated in consultation with ROW Public Health. Please check this regularly to find information. Please do not call the school to request this information as it prevents Mrs. McGlynn from doing the important work of safe arrivals and attendance checks throughout the day. We really appreciate your cooperation with this request.

Finally, we shared a letter with our St. Agnes community on Labour Day weekend called “When a child is sick”. We have updated this letter to include a few important changes that now coincide with the information provided above by ROW Public Health. Please read this over again.

REVISED When a child is sick letter