Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations

This month, our Grade 1 students are sharing with our school community what it means to be a caring family member. They have been reading announcements, created a bulletin board in the main foyer of the school, and are planning for our school wide mass to celebrate St. Agnes on January 22nd. Thanks for your great leadership, Grade 1 students!

January: I am a caring family member

  • I love God, myself and my family
  • I care about and respect my ‘family’ at school, at Church, in the community, and the world
  • I care about and respect God’s creation and everything in it

Because I care, I pray for all my families, and I will live my life like Jesus.


Parking Lot access

Communications regarding access to the parking lot were sent across NewsWire beginning September 1st, 2019. Please see important information below regarding ongoing safety concerns with the parking lot on Bluevale Avenue.

As part of our Safe Schools protocol, the school parking lot on Neilson Avenue is not accessible for drop off or pick up for students during the school day. The parking lot on Bluevale Avenue is only accessible to families who are dropping off/ picking up students as part of the Extended Day program. It is critical that we have no moving traffic in the parking lot after 8:45 AM as our students arrive each day. Please park at the church and have your child walk on the sidewalk to the school property.

With the colder weather we have seen an increase in the number of drivers accessing the parking lot on Bluevale after 8:45 AM each day. We kindly request that school day families stop accessing the Bluevale lot regardless of whether or not a staff member is present. When the large orange pylons are across the lot it means the lot is off limits. This measure is intended to keep staff and students safe; it is not meant to inconvenience families.

Another growing concern is the number of drivers who leave their cars idling while in the parking lot. Some cars enter the lot prior to 8:45 AM and sit in the lot idling for upwards of 20 minutes each morning waiting to drop off school day children. Again, we kindly request that school day families stop accessing the Bluevale lot. Finally, we ask that all cars be turned off while you drop off/ pick up your child from Extended Day. This is both a safety concern as well as an environmental concern.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation with these requests.

PD Day: Friday January 24th, 2020

There is no school for students on this day.


Spirit Wear days: Every Thursday

Wear red, black, and white every Thursday and show your spirit, Flames!


N4L January 13th – January 17th: multigrain Cheerios, melba toast, penguin crackers, multigrain vegetable crackers, multigrain bagels, apple sauce (no sugar added), carrots, hummus, apples.

Please note: cheese strings & yogurt tubes will only be served in select classrooms due to food allergies.


Why Attendance matters

You will begin to see increased messaging regarding school attendance. This is a Waterloo Catholic DSB priority, and we have been asked to share specific messages with our school communities across a variety of platforms.

Please click on THIS LINK for information on the impact of lates and absences.

Remember the morning bell rings at 9:20am, and the afternoon begins at 1:05pm. Students are expected to enter the school with their class; otherwise, the student is marked late.

Please be mindful that each interruption to a classroom is a disruption to the learning environment for all.

If your child arrives late they should report to the Main Office to collect a late slip before going to class.


Reporting your child’s absence

If your child is going to be late or absent, please call the school BEFORE 9:00am. If a student is reported absent by the classroom teacher, a call will be placed to each contact person for that child. If a child still cannot be located after attempting to reach parent/ guardian contacts, and the emergency contact, the police will be notified. It is of critical importance that you update contact information with the school each time there is a change.


Visitors sign in at the Main Office

A reminder to all visitors: please report directly to the Main Office after you are buzzed into the school. If you need to speak with a teacher, you will be asked to make an appointment rather than going directly to a classroom during the school day. If you are at the school to volunteer, you will receive a visitor badge once you have signed in with Mrs. McGlynn. This will save you the inconvenience of being approached by school staff to report to the Main Office. Thank you for your cooperation.