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Ms. McKinley’s Grade 6 Students Need Your Help!!

In our latest Science unit, the grade 6 students have learned the following big ideas…

  1. Biodiversity includes diversity of individuals, species, and ecosystems.

  2. Classification of the components within a diverse system is a beginning point for understanding the interrelationships among the components.

  3. All living things are connected, therefore, maintaining diversity is critical to the health of the planet.

  4. Humans make choices that can have an impact on biodiversity.


The students have been working on creating inventions that help meet one or more than one, of these needs. The students are looking for experts to come in and sit on our panel as they present their inventions.


This is where you come in!


We are looking for people who have experience with our big ideas. People with knowledge about biodiversity or may have a job that includes knowledge of our ever-changing planet. You would need to commit some time (whatever works best for you), between January 15th and 19th, during our school day. Even if it is just half an hour on one of these days, we can make our schedule work with your schedule! You will then listen to at least one presentation and give our students some feedback about their ability to have an impact on biodiversity with their invention.


If you are interested please follow the link to a quick form, to give more information about your background and your availability. You will be contacted to confirm your time and to be given more information! Please feel free to pass this email on to friends or family that you think might fit these criteria.


Thank you for your support.


Ms. McKinley