Yesterday was our first Pizza day for the year!  Our pizza program is run by the grade 8 teacher Mr. Henriques and all the grade 8 students.  Money raised from pizza day will go towards the grade 8 students year end trip, which reduces the cost to parents!  Pizza Day is only available online, and you pay for one month at a time.  We will make the cut-off for pizza day Wednesday NOON before the first pizza day of the month.  This will give parents weeks to order, and the students will get the pizza distribution list on Wednesday afternoon so they can be ready for Thursday.

The Milk program is run by parent council and our grade 4 students distribute the milk daily to the classrooms.  This program helps to support the grade 4 students reduce the cost of their year end class trip.

If you have any issue getting onto cash online and need some support getting set up on this software, please call the office and speak with Mrs. McGlynn.

These programs have been set up so that our students have opportunities to have some fun extra-curricular experiences, reducing the costs for the parents and teaching the children that they have a responsibility to school life and contributing to their own success.

Thank you for your support!