St. Agnes School Class Update:

Hello parents/guardians,

We continue to grow in population here at St. Agnes, which is great news! As a result, we are adding another Junior classroom. Adding another class will make all our grade one to eight class sizes smaller and more manageable. It also means that we will be adding a third portable to our school yard. After careful planning and following the Ministry of Education guidelines, we want to share with you what the breakdown of our classes will be (as of today). Please know that as always, numbers may change between now and September 4, causing us to adjust our classes accordingly.


Currently, we have 3 large JK/SK classes (this may become four classes in September if more students register and will result in adding a fourth portable), 2 grade one classes, 2 grade two classes, a straight grade three class, a grade three/four combined class, a straight grade 4 class, a straight grade five class, a five/six combined class, a straight grade seven class, and 2 grade seven/eight combined classes …bringing our total to 15 classes.


Each new school year is a tremendous opportunity for students to meet new friends and expand their circle of acquaintances. Our goal is to place our students where they will achieve the most success academically while trying to balance their social development. A balanced class reflects the diversity and needs of our school community and all of our students.

A great deal of thought and reflection goes into the placement of each child. Many factors are considered in student placement including: academic abilities, social groupings, and gender ratio. In addition, we consult Board and Ministry of Education guidelines.

The teachers and administration take great care to ensure, to the best of our ability, that all students’ needs are met.


We hope that you have a very enjoyable and relaxing summer. Enjoy time with family and friends!

See you on Tuesday, September 4.


The St. Agnes Staff