ESNS: Lunch program

Tuesday October 15th, 2019 is the first day of our lunch program offered through Elementary School Nutrition Services (ESNS). This is an online service provider who takes on the ordering, payment, refund, etc. portions of offering a food service within the school setting. If you have signed up with ESNS, you will receive an email on Sundays to alert you to your child’s food order for the week. Please check this email carefully to ensure your child has a lunch.

Should you have any questions about this food service please contact ESNS directly at 519-570-3767 or 

To register and order lunch items please visit the website listed above.

Nutrition for Learning (N4L) Program well under way!

Our N4L bin program is extremely popular with both staff and students. On a daily basis, students and staff have access to items in the dry food bins (e.g., multigrain Cheerios, melba toast, apple sauce) throughout the day, and cooler bag items (e.g., grape tomatoes, snap peas, cheese strings) for PM recess. This method of delivery is far less disruptive to instructional time and still provides important nutrition to those who need it most.

Please contact Mrs. Reesor if you would like to learn more about volunteering for this program. Many hands make light work, and this program supports the growing needs of the St. Agnes community. Any and all help is very much appreciated!

N4L October 15th – October 25th: multigrain Cheerios, melba toast, penguin crackers, multigrain vegetable crackers, apple sauce (no sugar added), carrots, snap peas, raisins, grape tomatoes, apples.

Please note: cheese strings & yogurt tubes will only be served in select classrooms due to food allergies.

Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC) minutes: September 23rd, 2019

Thank you to the many parent members who joined us for the first meeting of the year on Monday September 23rd. Please click on the link below to view the minutes of our meeting. You should also check the School Council link on the St. Agnes school website for other important information pertaining to CSAC. All meeting minutes will be posted under this link.

September 23 minutes

Our next meeting is Monday October 28th, 2019 in the Learning Commons from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. All are welcome to attend.

Volunteers welcome at St. Agnes!

We are always in need of volunteers at St. Agnes to help out with a wide variety of activities and programs. Please click on the link below to see a variety of ways you can provide your support to the St. Agnes school community. Your child will be bringing home a hard copy of this volunteer recruiting form. Please consider filling out the form and returning it to your child’s teacher. Many hands make light work, and we genuinely appreciate any support you can provide over the course of the school year.

Volunteer recruitment form

Fitness Frenzy is coming!

We are thrilled to announce that our Fitness Frenzy is just around the corner! Mark this date on your calendar: Friday November 8th, 2019. More information to follow!

Halloween is around the corner

All students are invited to dress up in costumes for Halloween on Thursday October 31st at school.  While we want students to have fun, please use the following guidelines when choosing an appropriate costume for school. If your child is not comfortable wearing a costume they are welcome to wear black and orange for the day to join in the festive nature of Halloween.

If possible, send your child to school in a spare/used/older costume in the event it becomes damaged. You may also send a change of clothes for your child for the afternoon as many children are not comfortable being in a costume all day long.

Your child will be attending class, participating in physical education, going outside for recess breaks, and eating their snacks / lunch in their costume – they need to be able to move comfortably.

  • All costumes should be school aged appropriate.
  • Do not send any props (e.g. pitch forks, brooms, shovels, wands, etc.)
  • Absolutely no face masks.
  • Absolutely no fake blood, fake wounds, or scary/ gory costumes will be allowed.
  • Please do not send make-up / costumes that teachers need to assemble or apply.

If costumes are not appropriate, the student will be asked to change or sent home.

Halloween Treats

The spirit of giving and celebrating friendships is definitely a tradition we encourage and welcome in our school community. However, we would like to remind families that it is not necessary or encouraged to share treats with students as part of Halloween.

Safe Schools legislation requires us to ensure the safety of all students including those with severe food allergies. Home baked goods and store bought baked goods present a significant risk to our staff and students who are anaphylactic. For this reason, we will not accept any offerings to classrooms that pose a risk to any staff member or student in the school. Treats must be store bought, individually packaged, and clearly marked NUT FREE if they come into the school. We cannot accept treats that do not meet these criteria. All treats that are sent to school will be sent home in ziploc bags for parents to distribute to their children. This practice is very similar to checking your child’s Halloween candy prior to it being consumed.

Your understanding and cooperation is genuinely appreciated.