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St. Vincent De Paul

St. Agnes Society of Saint Vincent de Paul thanks all of your students and staff so much for your generosity in 2017! Your donations of food and money are very much appreciated. Just to give you an idea of the work we do year round with your assistance, here are some statistics on the families that we helped in 2017:

  • We helped 101 families which were 339 unique individuals – 177 were adults and 162 were children and teens.
  • We prepared 315 hampers, serving 818 people.
  • We prepared Christmas hampers for 62 families which included 113 adults, 69 children and 29 teens.
  • For household size, there were 16 families with one adult, 22 with 2 people, 25 with 3, 18 with 4, 12 with 5, 4 with 7, 3 with 8 and 1 with 9 people.
  • For the number of times we helped each family… There were 15 families that only asked for help at Christmas time. Other than Christmas, 33 families were helped once, 20 were helped twice, 7 helped 3 times, 9 helped 4 times, 4 helped 5 times, 5 helped 6 times, 1 helped 7 times, 1 helped 8 times, 4 helped 9 times, and 2 helped 11 times. Those 2 were also helped at Christmas, so they were helped every month. In general, people only ask for help when they really need it.

God really provides for us with your help. Last week we received a request to pay for four mattresses from a family whose apartment had been infested with cockroaches. That same day we received your cheque from the fundraiser that you had. Your cheque covered the cost of us replacing these mattresses with just a little to spare. It was put to good use immediately!