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WE Walk for Water

Tomorrow, on Friday, April 27th, all of the students and staff of St. Agnes School will participate in a Water walk. Here in Canada we can turn on a tap anywhere and get clean water to brush our teeth, cook, take a shower, and most importantly, drink. There are taps and fountains everywhere we go, at the mall, at church, the grocery store, school, and at home. Water gives us life. We don’t have to work to get clean water. Every day, women and children around the world spend 200 million hours fetching water—often from sources full of harmful contaminants. A Water Walk is different from a regular walk because we will carry extra weight as we walk. This is a reminder to us that collecting and carrying water everyday is more difficult than it seems! This walk will take place following morning announcements. The Early Years and Primary students will be walking in the school yard whereas the Junior/Intermediate classes will be walking in the neighbourhood. All parents are welcome to join us! Students are reminded to bring in at least a toonie to raise money to provide clean water to others. Thanks for your support with this initiative!